Dataset description form

Fill in as many of the input fields as possible, at least the mandatory input fields. A tooltip at the label of a field gives a description of the field, when a label is clicked, the property description is opened on A green plus button adds an extra input field or input field set (on distribution).
On the last tab, the dataset description can be created in JSON-LD based on the entered values.

Do you only want to get an impression of a dataset description? Then click on sample data to fill in all input fields with sample data.

Not everything is possible via the form, for example, only an organization can be entered as processing and maker (and not a person), fields with a drop-down list cannot be entered with their own values and there is no multilingualism. This can be done by editing the result in a text editor.

Click the JSON-LD to copy it.

Do you not have the possibilities to publish this JSON-LD yourself?
Then you can use the publication service via GitHub.