Create a dataset description

Dataset descriptions from your (collection management) system

Describing a dataset shows great similarities with describing a heritage collection. It is therefore logical to also manage the datasets in the collection management system. Close to the source, because from here the datasets (as a file or as an API) are often also made available. Online publication of the dataset descriptions is therefore often a simple and, above all, automated step. Ask your supplier about the options for creating and publishing dataset descriptions so that your datasets can also be found more easily.

Create a dataset description manually

If your supplier does not (yet) offer possibilities to create a dataset description, you can manually create a dataset description in accordance with the requirements . A form is available as an aid. This manual method is separate from a collection management system and is therefore far from ideal.

Please note: the result of the form is a dataset description in JSON-LD, this must still be published online before it can be registered with the Dataset Register.

Dataset description form