Datasetregister datastory

Insight into heritage datasets

The dataset descriptions registered with the NDE Dataset Register are harvested and brought together in a public triple store. The purpose of the dataset register is to increase the findability of datasets (APIs and files/dumps). If you are looking for a dataset, go to the triplestore of the Dataset Register and search the dataset descriptions via SPARQL. Read the explanation of the data concepts and the Requirements for Datasets for RDF classes and properties used.


To help you get started, here are some example SPARQL queries. Click on the red "up arrow" to display the appropriate SPARQL query. You can also customize and redo the query! Click on a column heading to sort by that column.

Which Linked Dataset are available as data dumps?

The table below provides an overview of all datasets that can be downloaded in a Linked Data format:

Which Linked Dataset can be queried via a SPARQL endpoint?

The table below provides an overview of all datasets that can be queried via a SPARQL endpoint:

When were the dataset descriptions of the Linked Dataset last successfully retrieved?

The table below provides some general information about the available Linked Datasets including the last time the dataset description was successfully retrieved:

Which heritage institutions offer how many datasets?

The following overview shows which organizations make datasets (API/data dumps) available (in the role of publisher):

Where are the heritage institutions located?

The map below shows the locations of the heritage institutions (in the role of creator or publisher):

What datasets are offered?

The following overview shows the titles of the available datasets:

Under what license are the datasets made available?

Open license forms are important for data reuse, but also "closed" datasets (due to copyright or privacy) can be included in the Dataset Register:

What is the status of the offer of linked data?

The following overview shows in which linked data distribution forms the datasets are made available:

Which distributions are the most recent?

The following overview shows a top 50 distributions that have been recently issued or modified:

Which museums offer linked data?

The following overview shows the linked data datasets of museums:

Which data contain information from population registers?

The following overview shows datasets with the Dutch keyword "bevolkingsregister" (=population register):